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Daffy Does Disney – This is Halloween!

Every year, Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom hosts a series of Halloween parties that feature trick or treating, special fireworks, parade, and unique merchandise. This is the one time in the year when adults are allowed to wear costumes into any of the parks (with some specific rules). The party is ticketed separately from your regular park tickets. In order to facilitate these events, the Magic Kingdom closes to non-party guests at 7pm and Halloween partiers are allowed to enter the park at about 4pm, which creates what is approximately an 8 hour park day–just starting on the late side and lasting past midnight if you have the endurance.

The first time I went to the Halloween party I found that the crowds were low and so were wait times for the attractions. Since then, the parties have become gradually more popular, resulting in heavier crowds and an increase in the number of party nights. This second step was necessary, but it can be argued that these parties reduce the value of a regular park ticket during September and October.

After our very full day at the Food & Wine festival in Epcot which was capped by a quick park hop over to the Magic Kingdom so we could say we were there on the day of its 45th anniversary and maybe pick over whatever celebratory merchandise was left, Sunday morning was a time to sleep in and relax. Any initial thoughts of touring the monorail resorts or going to Disney Springs that day before our late afternoon party start fell away for me when I began to experience some data storage issues connected with all of the video I was shooting. So I spent most of that day in the cabin chatting convivially with my bunkmates and working out a solution in order to be able to continue shooting material for these videos. It was valuable down time though, and the cabin was well suited to the task.

Join us about a half hour before the start of the party and let’s see where the night took us!


Disneyland with Daffystardust! (Part One)


As you might have figured out based on LeBlog’s content over the last month, I returned to Disneyland in Anaheim California for the first time in 40 years last week. The memories of a five year old are an inconsistent thing. Some are vivid while others are hazy. Some are like still photographs while others are like gifs from our early lives. Scale is often an issue. When I visited my elementary school several years after my last day there as a student I was a little curious to know why they had lowered the coat hooks. So I was looking forward to matching the few childhood memories I’d held of Disneyland with what I was going to see as a middle-aged adult who had seen lots of other great stuff in the interim.
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