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The Lebeau Family Christmas Tree 2014


It’s a tradition around Le Blog that every year when the holidays roll around, I post a tour of our Christmas tree.  I actually forgot how the tradition started until I went back and reread some of the old Christmas tree posts.  Turns out I was experimenting with a new camera.  Since then, it’s been an annual tradition to snap a few pictures of the latest ornaments and share the holiday spirit.

This year, we’re doing things a little bit differently.  The kids were after us to put up the tree early.  It usually goes up on the day after Thanksgiving.  Mindy hates having a tree taking up space in her living room.  So she would only agree to putting up the tree early if it went in the kids’ play room in the basement.  I fully supported the idea as it means less dragging of things up and down the stairs.  Both in terms of the tree and decorations and the actual presents on Christmas Eve.  Santa’s job got a whole lot easier this year.

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The Lebeau Family Christmas Tree 2013


Christmas is a time of traditions.  And one such tradition around here is the annual Christmas tree post.  It started back in 2011 when I bought myself a new camera as a present.  I bought it with a future Disney World trip in mind.  Our pictures from 2010 didn’t quite come out.  I wanted a camera that would take good close-up pictures so I could get really detailed pictures of everything.  This particular camera was a Black Friday deal I bought knowing absolutely nothing about it.  My thinking was that I would return it if I didn’t like it.

As Christmas approached that year, I started researching the camera I had bought.  The reviews were extremely mixed.  Half the readers claimed it took blurry pictures and the other half said it was a great buy.  So I set about testing it out myself.  Turns out, my pictures were awful.  I thought about taking the camera back.  Then I read a helpful review that explained how the camera was supposed to work.  Turns out you have to raise the flash manually.  After that, my pictures improved.  The experiment resulted in my first-ever Christmas Tree post.

Well, that resulted in a bit of holiday cheer with some of the regular readers.  So I did it again in 2012.  That’s how traditions get started.  So now, for the third year in a row, here’s a tour of our family Christmas tree.

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Oh Christmas Tree!

Ever since Thanksgiving weekend, I have been trying to find the time to take and post some pictures of our Christmas tree.  It’s not that our tree is anything special.  But the tree is one of my favorite things about the Christmas season.

Growing up, Christmas was filled with traditions as I’m sure is the case for most people.  And one such tradition was putting up the tree.  The tree was always assembled a certain way.  The assignment of chores never varied.  The process would start when my dad would pull up the giant box from the basement.

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