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Daffy Does Disney – How Do We Really Feel About Soarin’ Around the World?

One of the big openings this year at Florida’s Walt Disney World was an update to the very popular Soarin’ attraction in Epcot. The original version took place entirely in California and originated (naturally) in the Disney California Adventure park in Anaheim. The attraction’s film even ended over Disneyland, which was a little weird for guests experiencing it in Epcot on the other side of the country. The California landmarks never really bothered me, though and I tended to just think of them as very American locales that skewed Western. Despite some maintenance issues at Epcot that resulted in a grimy looking screen and image as the years wore on, Soarin’ had managed to continue to be one of the most popular attractions in the Florida parks on the strength of its enveloping sensory experience and its beautiful musical score.

So, how did the new version that displayed locations worldwide turn out? Watch the video above and find out how we felt about this newest version of a beloved ride.

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