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Movies of 1987 Bracket Game: Predator Vs. Raising Arizona Vs. The Princess Bride


Happy MLK Day everyone!  Let’s celebrate by picking our favorite movie from thirty years ago.

We’re making Le Blog history today with a three-way finale.  Readers were deadlocked yesterday on whether they preferred Raising Arizona or The Princess Bride.  So we’re just going to let all three of our top picks battle it out and see who comes out on top.

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Movies of 1987 Bracket Game: Lethal Weapon Vs. Predator


Our final four is split into two genres; action and comedy.  Today, we’re tackling the former with two of the more memorable action movies not just of the year, but of the decade.  Lethal Weapon didn’t invent buddy cop movies.  But it sure did shape them.  Predator didn’t define a genre, per se.  But it mashed up two existing genres in a way that was uncommon at the time.  Both movies launched franchises which remain on-going with the help of recent reboots; Lethal Weapon in the form of a TV show and Predator with an upcoming movie.  Today, we decide which movie will represent the action genre in the final round.

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Movies of 1987 Bracket Game: Predator Vs. Wall Street


John McTiernan’s Predator was a manly movie.  Most 80’s action movies would be satisfied with having a bunch of commandos shooting up a gang of insurgents in the jungle.  But that’s Predator‘s starting point.  From there, the military guys find themselves hunted by an alien creature.  By comparison, Oliver Stone’s Wall Street is a lot more grounded.  In his still-topical drama, greedy men do whatever it takes to make themselves just a little bit richer.

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Movies of 1987 Bracket Game: Predator Vs. Robobcop


1987 was a good year for action movies.  Already in this bracket game we have seen the genre-defining buddy cop movie, Lethal Weapon.  But the year also included The Living Daylights, Beverly Hills Cop II, Stakeout, and The Running Man among others.  Today’s contestants blended action with science-fiction to become two of the more enduring movies of the year.  It’s Arnold Schwarzenegger in Predator vs. Paul Verhoeven’s Robocop.

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Jean-Claude Van Damme Gallery

Arnold Schwarzenegger Gallery

What the Hell Happened to John McTiernan?


John McTiernan

John McTiernan was a Julliard graduate who became one of the biggest directors of the later 80’s and early 90’s.  His directing career got off to a quick start.  Within a few films, he was directing the biggest movie star in the world and reinventing genres altogether.  He directed the movies that made Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis into viable action stars.  But soon after, the hits stopped coming.  But McTiernan’s troubles didn’t end with his career cooling off.  The former A-list director spent 328 days in prison!

What the hell happened?

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What the Hell Happened to Jean-Claude Van Damme?

jean claude van damme

Jean-Claude Van Damme

In the late 80s and early 90s, Jean-Claude Van Damme was part of a wave of martial artists turned movie stars.  Movies like Van Damme’s break-out role, Bloodsport, were cheap, easy to make and usually provided a great return on investment.  Van Damme in particular seemed poised to break out of low budget movies into legitimate movie stardom.  But instead, the action movie craze subsided and Van Damme was cast aside along with the other action heroes of the time.

What the hell happened?

van damme competition

Jean-Claude Van Damme

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What the Hell Happened to Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger was an unlikely movie star.  He struggled with the English language and a thick Austrian accent.  His physique made him hard to cast in every-man roles.  And yet, for a time, he was the biggest star in Hollywood.  Eventually, he parlayed his popularity as a film star into a political career.  However, when his political career ended, Schwarzenegger’s Hollywood come-back was derailed by personal scandal.

What the hell happened?

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The Low Down on the Alien Franchise


Ridley Scott’s return to science fiction, Prometheus, opens in theaters today.  To mark the occasion, I am looking back on one of the most beloved science fictions franchises in movie history.

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