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April 24: Happy Birthday Shirley MacLaine and Barbra Streisand


This was one of those days where the headliners were pretty self-selecting.  They were photographed together at the 57th Golden Globes, where MacLaine presented Streisand with the Cecil B. DeMille Award.

Shirley MacLaine, who is turning 83 today, has worked in film for over sixty years.  She made her debut in Alfred Hitchcock’s The Trouble With Harry, receiving a Golden Globe for New Star of the Year.  She appeared later the same year in the Martin and Lewis film Artists and Models, and received her first Oscar nomination (of six) for starring opposite Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin in Some Came Running.  One of her most famous roles then brought her a second Golden Globe, a BAFTA Award and a second Oscar nomination:

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Movies of 1987 Bracket Game: Lethal Weapon Vs. Predator


Our final four is split into two genres; action and comedy.  Today, we’re tackling the former with two of the more memorable action movies not just of the year, but of the decade.  Lethal Weapon didn’t invent buddy cop movies.  But it sure did shape them.  Predator didn’t define a genre, per se.  But it mashed up two existing genres in a way that was uncommon at the time.  Both movies launched franchises which remain on-going with the help of recent reboots; Lethal Weapon in the form of a TV show and Predator with an upcoming movie.  Today, we decide which movie will represent the action genre in the final round.

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Movies of 1987 Bracket Game: Lethal Weapon Vs. Good Morning Vietnam


Today’s match pairs two rising stars against each other at the moments when their careers took shape.  Robin Williams and Mel Gibson were among Hollywood’s most sought-after leading men.  And they can both trace their A-list status back to the movies they headlined in 1987.  Gibson costarred opposite Danny Glover in the buddy-cop movie that defined the genre.  And Williams received his first-ever Oscar nomination for playing a zany army DJ for the Armed Forces Radio Service during the Vietnam Conflict.

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Movies of 1987 Bracket Game: Lethal Weapon Vs. The Untouchables


As we move into a new year, it’s a Le Blog tradition to spend the month of January looking back at the movies of the past.  Yep, the bracket games are back.  For the next couple of weeks, we’ll be pairing up movies from thirty years ago to pick the reader’s favorite flick from 1987.  I think you will all agree when you see the line-up that it was a pretty solid year with enduring entries in many different genres.

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Sequelthon: Superman II

Flashback/Backslide is running a “Sequelthon” with guest bloggers contributing reviews of several movie sequels. Naturally, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to write up Superman II. On the day that the latest Superman movie hits theaters, let’s take a look at the last time a Superman series had a second entry.


Welcome back to the Sequelthon everyone! Today we are happy to host a review of Superman II written by Lebeau from Lebeau’s Le Blog. Head over to his site to read a huge catalog of awesome content including the “What the Hell Happened?” series. Coincidentally, Superman II is currently in the Sweet Sixteen of our DC Comics Movie Tournament running right now.Head over to vote in all the matchups.

superman ii In 1978, the super hero genre came to the big screen with Superman: The Movie .  The original script for that movie was high camp.  It even included a cameo appearance for Telly Savalas as Kojak.  In one scene, while looking for Lex Luthor Superman would have found a bald man who turned out to be the TV detective.  This is but one of example of what Superman: The Movie might have been.

Fortunately, fate intervened…

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Worst To First: Ranking the Superman Movies

Later this month, Superman and Batman will appear on the big screen for the first time.  Leading up to the release of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, we’ll be looking back at the cinematic history of the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight.  To kick things off, we’re going to rank the Superman movies from worst to first.

Let me start off by saying something that is very hard for me to say as a lifelong Superman fan.  Most of the movies featuring the Last Son of Krypton aren’t very good.  There’s really only two that are worth watching.  For the rest of the bunch, we’re splitting hairs to determine which belong at the bottom of the barrel.

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Movies of 1985 Bracket Game: The Goonies Vs. Cocoon

Cocoon vs goonies

With the start of a new year, there’s a whole new slate of movies to look forward to.  Hollywood is hoping 2015 will be a better year at the movies than 2014 was.  But how will the movies of the new year stack up against the movies from 30 years ago.  1985 gave us some classic movies and its share of forgettable ones.  In this month’s bracket game we’re going back in time to 1985 to pick our favorites from 30 years ago!

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The Low Down on Superman Movies

Man of Steel

Zach Snyder’s 21st century take on Superman opens in theaters today.  The character, generally considered the first super hero as we know them today, is celebrating 75 years since his first appearance in Action Comics #1.  He helped to kick off the super hero movie genre which has become a dominant force at the box office in recent years.  And by this point, there have been enough Superman movies to form a mini-genre dedicated to the Man of Steel.

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