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Kings Island: Opening Day 2013 Trip Report


Today was opening day at Kings Island.  After months of waiting, it’s always exciting to finally get to visit the park and kick off the new season.  Opening day can bring heavy crowds and sometimes there can be a few hiccups as the staff gets things up to speed.  But even with a few downsides, opening day is not to be missed.

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Kings Island and the Wintertime Blues

funnel cake smiles

At some point every winter, the blues set in.  This year has been especially bad since it has been a cold one and I have been working extremely long hours.  Like a lot of people, I can’t wait for spring which seems just out of reach.  This time of year, I always look forward to the opening of our regional amusement park, Kings Island.

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Kings Island Howl-O-Fest

I bought Josie’s first Kings Island season pass in 2009.  She was 4 years old at the time and her younger sister had just been born.  The idea was that during the summer, I could take Josie to the park while her mom stayed home with the baby.  Since then, Kings Island has been one of our special places.  Occasionally, others would come with us.  But more often than not, we had daddy/daughter days at Kings Island to ourselves.

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Kings Island Trip Report – UK Day 2011

My wife had some projects she wanted to get done around the house.  So she asked me to take our oldest daughter to Kings Island to get her out of the house.   Naturally, I agreed because I don’t really need an excuse to go to Kings Island.  Although, after I agreed, I realized my wife’s true motivation.  She wanted me out of the house.  Getting our daughter out was a side benefit.

We got an early start because we always get an early start.  I use Kings Island as a training ground for Disney World.  Thanks to Kings Island, my daughter understands the concept of “rope drop”.  “Rope drop” is the Disney term for park open.  I always stress the importance of getting to the park at “rope drop” so as to avoid long lines.  Today was no exception.  And once again, we were richly rewarded for our punctuality.

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King’s Island’s New Planet Snoopy Kid’s Zone

I hope everyone had a pleasant Memorial Day weekend.  I know I did.  After a very rainy May, we finally got around to using our 2010 season passes to King’s Island for the first time.

Our oldest daughter is five and the youngest is one.  (The youngest stayed with grandma and we brought along an older niece who had never been to King’s Island before.)  Neither of the girls is very adventurous, so a trip to King’s Island for us pretty much begins and ends in the kid’s zone.

This year, King’s Island has rethemed their kid’s zone from the popular Nickelodeon Universe to the timeless (but infinitely less relevant) Planet Snoopy featuring the characters from the Peanuts comic strip.

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