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March 20: Happy Birthday William Hurt and Spike Lee


William Hurt is turning 67 today.  After studying at Tufts and Juilliard, he spent several years with the Circle Repertory Company.  He was a Tony nominee for his Broadway debut in David Rabe’s Hurlyburly.  He made his film debut in Altered States in 1980 and received a Golden Globe nomination.  His next film roles were in the romantic thriller Eyewitness with Sigourney Weaver, as a classic film noir sap in Body Heat, with yesterday’s headliner Glenn Close, among others, in The Big Chill, and in the lead role in Gorky Park.  And then he starred in an adaptation of a novel by Manuel Puig:

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Movieline Cover Gallery 1985-1988

The Look: Theresa Russell

Theresa Russell - Whore

Theresa Russell was never a household name.  Most of her filmography consisted of independent movies many of which were directed be her husband, Nic Roeg.  In 1991, Russell was starring in Ken Russell’s provocative drama, Whore.  Movieline Associate Editor Joshua Mooney sat down with Russell to discuss her career and her latest movie.

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Director Nic Roeg Takes Control

Russell - Cold Heaven

One of the strengths of Movieline magazine was that it didn’t just stick to the movies that were hot at the box office.  In the January 1991 issue of the magazine, Martha Frankel had a disquieting talk with cult filmmaker, Nicolas Roeg.

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