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Under-rated Disney World: Coronado Springs Resort

csr wide view 

I hesitate to say that any Disney World Resort is under-rated because frankly they are all over-priced.  However, savvy Disney World guests know that discounts abound.  Even discounted, I wouldn’t call Disney-owned hotel rooms a bargain.  But the expense can be rationalized given the uniqueness of the on-property experience.

Disney breaks down their hotels into three broad classifications: Value, Moderate and Deluxe.  Guests who are looking to stretch their dollar tend to stay in the Value resorts.  Those who are looking for luxury at any price, stay at the Deluxe resorts.  But the Moderates tend to be over-looked.  They cost significantly more than the Value resorts.  Many guests question whether or not the extra amenities are worth the expense.

As with any Disney World planning related question, the answer depends on your group’s priorities.  For my family, the Moderate resorts are frequently worth the extra expense because we tend to spend time at the resort in between visiting the parks.  To date, we have stayed at two of the three Moderate resorts.  We have stayed at Port Orleans and Coronado Springs.  We have yet to visit Caribbean Beach. 

I could make an argument that all three resorts are somewhat under-rated.  But of the three, I feel that Coronado Springs tends to be over-looked the most.

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Under-rated Disney World: Mickey’s Jammin’ Jungle Parade

There are two kinds of people in the world; those who watch parades at Disney World and those who don’t.  I can definitely understand the argument for skipping the parades.  Lines for attractions are generally shorter while the parade is running.  If you want a decent viewing spot for the parade, you need to scope it out in advance.  Doing so eats up precious park time.

I don’t go too far out of my way to watch the parades.  But I do consider them to be part of the Disney experience.  Ideally, I like to take in at least one per trip.  Of the day-time parades currently running, my favorite has to be Mickey’s Jammin’ Jungle Parade at Animal Kingdom.  I wouldn’t go so far as to call it “must see”, but I do think it is definitely an under-rated Disney experience.

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Under-rated Disney World: Dining in Hollywood Studios

sci fin theater sign

A while back, I did a write-up on Disney World experiences I considered to be over-rated.  I had intended to follow-up with a list of experiences I considered to be under-rated.  But as I was preparing to write the follow-up, I was having trouble narrowing down my list.  I got to thinking that I would like to spend a little more time talking about some of Disney’s under-appreciated offerings.  So instead of a single article, I am going to write a series of follow-ups about under-rated Disney World experiences.

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Disney World Trip Report 2012 Part 14


When we left off, the girls had just finished princess make-overs at the Bippity Boppity Boutique.  They were very tired.  Kara in particular probably should have taken a nap.  But we were locked into reservations I had made 180 days before the trip and had to work around those.  Read the rest of this entry

Disney World Trip Report 2012 Part 13


When we left off, we blew through three princess meet-and-greets in a row finishing off our list of must-see characters for the trip.  We were winding down our morning before our afternoon break.  On our way out, we decided to hit Tomorrowland.  Read the rest of this entry

Disney World Trip Report 2012 Part 12


When we left off, we had kicked off the final full day of our trip in Adventureland.  My mom wasn’t feeling well and stayed back at the hotel.  Our primary mission of the day was to finish off any and all remaining meet and greets.  With Tinkerbell crossed off the list early, that left a parade of princesses.

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Disney World Trip Report 2012 Part 11


When we left off, we had finished the fourth day of our trip at Animal Kingdom.  We had spent a little time in each of the four Disney theme parks plus Downtown Disney.  With a day and a half left to go, we would spend the rest of our time at Disney World at the Magic Kingdom.

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Disney World Trip Report 2012 Part 10

When we left off, Mindy and my mom had departed for a shopping excursion at Downtown Disney.  I took the girls back to the Art of Animation Resort for a pool break at the Flippin’ Fins Pool.  The plan was to meet up at Animal Kingdom after Mickey’s Jammin’ Jungle Parade.

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Disney World Trip Report 2012 Part 9


When we left off, we had finished Day 3 of our trip at Hollywood Studios.  It was a fun day that included family traditions like dinner at the 50’s Prime Time Cafe and new experiences like Fantasmic!  But I couldn’t help but notice that we had hit a wall.  The kids were tired and occasionally crabby.  And the adults were sore from walking and carrying Kara.  We needed to slow down a little.

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Disney World Trip Report 2012 Part 8


When we left off, we had spent the morning at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  We had ridden Toy Story Mania twice, knocked out both of the park’s big thrill rides and capped it off with Star Tours.  Mom was taking the kids back to the hotel for a break and Mindy and I were headed to the Dolphin Resort for a couples massage at the Manara Spa.

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Disney World Trip Report 2012 Part 7


When we left off, we had finished the first day of our trip with dinner at Chef Mickey’s and shopping at Downtown Disney.  It was a great day that included Josie’s first ride on Splash Mountain, a sneak peek at the Fantasyland expansion and Donald Duck putting me on notice.  When we got back to our room, we set about getting ready for bed.  We had another full day ahead of us. 

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Disney World Trip Countdown: 8 Days

I spent the first 30-some days of this countdown reviewing my step-by-step plans for our Disney World trip.  And then, just as I was finishing it up, Disney made some scheduling changes that shifted things around.  So with just over a week to go, I tweaked every step of my plans.

I won’t subject everyone to another blow-by-blow of the newly revamped plans.  But for today’s countdown, I’m sharing the actual plans I generated at

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Disney World Trip Countdown: 13 Days

As I count down the 15 days remaining until my family’s Disney World trip, I am I walking through the agenda step by step.  Once the trip is done, we’ll see how well the plan was executed.  Because there’s no way everything goes according to plan.  It never does. 

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