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Disney World Rumors: Star Wars Universe

Star Wars Land

Ever since the Walt Disney Company purchased LucasFilm, there have been rumors about how they would incorporate Star Wars into their theme parks.  Recently, Disney began issuing surveys about Star Wars at both Disneyland and Disney World Resorts.  These surveys have fueled a lot of Star Wars rumors.  About a month ago, my mom told me she heard on the radio that Star Wars Land was opening in 2016.  Just this past weekend, my sister told me she heard it was opening in 2018.

As it turns out, neither of these rumors is strictly speaking true.  No date for a Star Wars expansion has been set.  In fact, no expansion has been approved.  But there is a plan for a Star Wars expansion on the table.  Insiders say that in some form, it is likely to be approved.  In fact, an announcement may be made as early as this summer’s D23 convention in Anaheim.

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Disney World Rumors: Carsland Looks Good, Avatar Iffy, Fantasyland Disappoints


It’s been a while since I have written anything about Disney World here.  After nearly daily postings leading up to and following our family trip in the fall, I decided to give the Disney stuff a rest.  Not to mention, there really hasn’t been much worth talking about in recent months.

This morning, Al Lutz over at Mice Chat posted an update that was filled with juicy Disney World rumors.  What follows are the WDW-related highlights.  You can read the entire article (which focuses primarily on Disneyland and management changes) here.

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