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Worst to First: Ranking the DC Superhero TV Shows

We’re one week away from the release of Justice League.  As a fan of DC Comics, I am approaching this movie with a mixture of curiosity and dread.  Let’s face it, Justice League is probably going to be awful.  Only this summer’s Wonder Woman gives us any reason to hope otherwise.  But even if the movies fail us, at least we can turn to the small screen for some superhero adventures.  As I brace myself for almost certain disappointment, I have ranked all of the DC superhero TV shows from Worst to First.

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Reviews: Wonder Woman, Baby Driver, and The Big Sick

Kevthewriter has reviews of three movies currently playing in theaters.

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Lego Dimensions: Fun With Funpacks: Superman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg


Today’s fun packs include some heavy hitters from the DC Universe.  All three of these characters come equipped with some pretty useful skills.  What do you expect from a bunch of superheroes?  They aren’t necessarily going to open up any new gameplay since everyone has access to the DC Comics adventure world through the Lego Dimensions Starter Pack, but you’ll probably find yourself reaching for these guys as one-stop shopping for a lot of skills.  Plus, who doesn’t want the Justice League as part of their collection?

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Toy Store Tuesday: DC SuperHero Girls

Dc Superhero Girls

This past week was Spring Break for the girls.  Having recently moved, this year’s plans included a staycation.  That meant Dad (aka me) stayed home from work and tried to get some work done while keeping the kids entertained.  Not a lot of work got done, but we did discover the new DC SuperHero Girls cartoon and toy line.  So, that’s something I guess.

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Super Heroes of the Seventies

Legends of the Superheroes - full cast

It has been said that we are living in a Golden Age of super hero stories.  The genre is certainly experiencing a boom in popularity at the movies and on TV.  But the seventies were no slouch in the super hero department either.  Some of the seeds of our modern day super hero explosion were sown back in the 70’s.

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First Picture of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

Gail Gadot as Wonder Woman

DC Comics has released the first image of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman from their upcoming super hero flick, Batman v. Superman.

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Wonder Woman Cast!

wonder woman

I have been a vocal critic of this year’s Superman reboot, Man of Steel from Zach Snyder and David Goyer.  Their involvement in the sequel has me less than excited about the project.  The announcement that Ben Affleck would co-star as Batman had me even less excited – both because I didn’t care for the casting and because I didn’t really want to see Batman crowding Superman out of his own movie.  I had suggested that if WB wanted to team Superman up with another hero, it made more sense to have Wonder Woman co-star.

Well, apparently I will get my wish.  Gal Gadot has been cast as Wonder Woman in the untitled sequel.

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Quick Peek at the Wonder Woman TV Show

NBC rejected the Wonder Woman pilot, but here’s a quick peek at what might have been.

I said it was quick!  Personally, I’d like to see more.

NBC Nixes Wonder Woman TV Show

In a move that didn’t really surprise anyone, NBC declined to pick up the Wonder Woman pilot for a series.  Rumor has it that reaction to the show’s test screenings was mixed, but primarily negative.  And the response to the costume design that was released to the public was also mostly negative (though I for one liked it pretty well for a TV show budget).

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