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Spring Break at Walt Disney World: Gojunoto – Daffy Does Disney

After another afternoon nap, I return to World Showcase in Epcot for my scheduled dinner at Teppan Edo. Come join in as I wander around the Japan pavilion, see some of its “cute” culture, then notice a toy I can’t remember seeing since I was pretty young. Will you be able to sing along with me? After dinner I watch the fireworks and run across a curious bit of detritus. And of course it will then be time for another installment of Pillow Talk with Daffy Stardust!


Spring Break at Walt Disney World: Slumming in Europe – Daffy Does Disney

Join me as I leave Future World and spend some time in a couple of the more popular Epcot pavilions in World Showcase. First, I grab lunch and interact with a couple of the better-known occupants of the UK pavilion, and then I move on to the France pavilion where I take in the sights and enjoy their beautiful film, Impressions de France.

Epcot World Showcase Challenge: The Prelims

Epcot Concept Art

For the month of June, Le Blog is going to be covering summer vacation and all things Disney.  Daffy is running is Disney Song Rankings and now oakleya77 is preparing an Epcot-themed bracket game.  But before the game is officially launched, he’s looking for a little help in selecting the top 8 pavilions in the World Showcase to include in the challenge.  After the jump, a little history on Disney’s most grown-up theme park and a chance to pick your favorites.

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Disney World Trip Countdown: 47 Days

As I count down the 47 days remaining until my family’s Disney World trip, I am I walking through the agenda step by step.  Once the trip is done, we’ll see how well the plan was executed.  Because there’s no way everything goes according to plan.  It never does.

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