Writing For Le Blog

Seagal Recruitment

If you would like to contribute content to Le Blog either as a guest writer or on an ongoing basis, all we need from you is an e-mail address.  Just send an e-mail to and let me know that you are interested.  I can then send you an invitation through WordPress.  Once your access has been established, you can begin contributing to the site immediately.

Our focus at Le Blog is on all things pop culture.  So virtually any entertainment-related topic is viable.  Overtly political topics should be avoided.  And we’re a family site, so no vulgarity please.  You can write stand-alone articles, make contributions to an existing series or start a series of your own.

Any articles will need to be approved by our crack editorial team.  Contributions to existing series may be changed or reformatted in order to remain consistent with other entries in the series.  The editorial team may make content changes, but we will make every effort to honor the author’s original intent.

Other than that, the only rule here is to have fun.  This is a hobby, not a job.

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